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Baitullah Travel Offers Affordable Cheap Umrah Packages 2022 from the UK. 

Getting affordable yet exceptionally managed umrah packages 2022 is a challenging task, no doubt. Considering all of your hotel and flight bookings, travel needs, visa procedures, and everything else of the sort; budget traveling for umrah or hajj is not possible without hiring adept travel services. That’s where the professional travel agents of Baitullah Travel come to the rescue. Our years of experience and a history of satisfied customers are enough to ensure you the best cheap umrah packages UK you can hire! 

Our Umrah Packages.

All of Baitullah Travel’s online umrah packages 2022 are created keeping in view the travel comfort of our clients while considering all of the legalities involved. That means when hiring Umrah or Hajj travel packages from us, you don’t have to worry about any of your flight or accommodation booking hassles. 

In addition, all of your documentation procedures and visa requirements are fulfilled by our agency. You just have to hire umrah UK packages 2022 that are best suited for your needs and budget and let us take care of the rest. 

15 Years of Experience.

Baitullah Travel has been a name of customer trust paired with exceptional quality of Hajj and Umrah travel services in the United Kingdom. Serving our clients in the region for more than a decade, Baitullah Travel Umrah Packages 2022 are the most frequently hired within the industry. 

Our years of experience speak for the premium quality of the best umrah packages 2022 that we offer. Being among the top travel agencies of the United Kingdom when it comes to Hajj or umrah 2022 packages, Baitullah Travel is a name that remains widely perceived among the new as well as the existing travel clients. 

Serving the UK travel industry for more than 15 years, our in-depth knowledge of the Hajj and Umrah travel field helps us cater to the individual travel demands of our clients relating to;

Even the legalities involved in the bookings are adeptly taken care of by the expert travel agents at Baitullah Travel. Therefore, offering our clients a multitude of Hajj and umrah packages all inclusive to choose from depending on their individual demands and budget. 

How do we make it possible for you?

Baitullah Travel takes pride in serving its clients with the best quality of umrah packages London 2022. All of our Umrah and Hajj travel packages remain proficiently designed by the most experienced travel agents of the industry. Catering to the individual demands of our customers, not only Baitullah Travel provides you with an infinite range of travel and accommodation services to choose from but also these services are tailored to best suit your affordability and needs. All in all, offering you the facilities of luxury Umrah packages in your budget. 

Variety of Discounts.

Our years of successful travel history and entrusted business relations with the world-famous airline companies and international hotel chains offer us a variety of special discounts from our business associates. We, at Baitullah Travel, prioritizing the travel ease of our customers offer these discounts on a ‘first come and first serve’ basis for our clients. When hiring your Umrah packages for family, you can redeem these discounts and benefit yourself with free-of-cost hotel/airline upgrades, a lot of complimentary services, and even discounted travel and accommodation fares. That’s how Baitullah Travel stands out in the industry of Umrah and Hajj travel in the UK.

Individually Designed umrah packages including flights.

Despite this, Baitullah Travel also specializes in curating the custom and reliable umrah packages that remain designed as per the demands of the client. That means, every single one of the services i.e., flights, accommodation, transport, visa, documentation, etc. remains decided by the customer with the help of our expert travel agents. The cherry on top, our agents also make sure that all of these services are best suited for your budget as well!

Why all-inclusive Umrah travel packages are recommended by Baitullah Travel?

Baitullah Travel has always prioritized the travel comfort of its clients. Especially when it comes to traveling for the holy pilgrimage of Umrah. We offer a vast range of umrah packages UK 2022 for our clients. Designed by the best-experienced travel agents of the field, our all-inclusive Hajj and Umrah travel services remain a top pick in the market for a variety of reasons. 
When you are booking your all-inclusive Baitullah Travel Umrah Packages 2022, you don’t have to worry about any of the booking or travel procedures at all. Everything from your visa documentation to your hotel and flight booking and till your return back home remains pre-arranged by our company. That means, you just have to hire the most suitable umrah travel package for you and prepare yourself for the holy journey. Everything else remains exceptionally taken care of by our travel agents. 

So that you can devote most of your time to the performance of Holy rituals without having to worry about any of the booking or travel arrangements.

Plan The Perfect Umrah Packages 2022. 

With Baitullah Travel’s custom umrah travel packages, the customer is given full control over his trip itinerary and services. In short, with custom-designed Baitullah Travel Umrah Packages 2022, the customer can choose every single one of its travel needs as per his budget. Therefore, helping in developing the most personalized umrah and hajj travel experience for the client. 
Here’s how you can plan the perfect umrah packages 2022 Bradford with Baitullah Travel.

Decide the type of accommodation you want to have in the Kingdom.

There are infinitely many options to choose from when it comes to the type of hotel accommodation you want to have in the Kingdom. There are literally thousands of hotels, each one of them having individual pricing policies and quality of hospitality services considering different aspects. If you want to have your hotel situated near Haramain, it’ll definitely cost more and vice versa. 
Similarly, there are different categories of hotels i.e., 3-star economy to 7-star luxury options. So, it’s significantly essential to consider what type of accommodation you want to have there with your umrah 5 star packages. 

Specify the class of your Air Travel.

Almost same as above, the class of your air travel i.e., economy class, business class, or first class; will directly affect your travel costs. However, worth the extra money paid for. Therefore, it’s another important factor to consider when planning the perfect Baitullah Travel Umrah Packages 2022.

Get done with the Visa and Documentation Producers.

When you’ve decided the type of hotel accommodation and travel facilities you want to have, it’s time that you get done with the visa and documentation procedures right after. Baitullah Travel recommends doing so because pre-booking can also help you catch a variety of early bird discounts from different airlines as well as hotels with umrah UK packages. 

However, remember that you don’t have to worry about any of the booking or documentation producers because your best Umrah packages 2022 remain efficiently managed by our travel agents. 

Goals of Baitullah Travel. 

Customer Convenience.

At Baitullah Travel, our customers are always our top priority and so is their travel convenience and ease when hiring our umrah travel packages. We not only greatly take into consideration every single aspect of your holy journey but also try to make sure that all of it remains efficiently managed. So that our customers can have a peaceful Hajj and Umrah travel experience there.

Quality yet the affordable provision of services.

We never compromise on the quality of our services and that’s one of the major reasons why Baitullah Travel is a household name in the UK travel industry. Our certified and professional business methodologies guarantee that only the best is delivered to our clients for their umrah packages from Birmingham UK. With premium quality of services, we also ensure affordability! 

Hassle-free Umrah and Hajj travel experience.

When going on the holy journey of Hajj and Umrah, the most important thing for the client is that most of his time should be spent in supplication and Ibadah. So, when you book your umrah tour packages 2022 with Baitullah Travel, we make sure that all of your foreign travel and accommodation facilitates remain pre-booked and professionally supervised to minimize any sort of irregularities. All in all, ensuring a hassle-free travel experience for our clients.  

Why We Are #1 Travel Agency in the United Kingdom?

Wide range of Travel Options.

Baitullah Travel offers a wide range of travel options for Umrah packages all inclusive. Having years of business relations with hundreds of airline companies and multinational hotel chains, we offer our clients with the individually designed travel services they desire to have in their budget.

Transparent business Policies.

Our transparent business policies are among the major reasons why Baitullah Travel remains the #1 travel agency in the United Kingdom. All of our travel, accommodation services remain certified and insured as well as documentation procedures and pricing policies are clearly communicated with our clients. All in all, promoting trustworthy relations with our customers and business associates alike.

Affordable Pricing.

While Baitullah Travel’s premium quality services are availed by thousands of customers every year, our umrah packages price 2022 are surprisingly affordable as well. Established with a vision to make Hajj and umrah travel affordable for everyone, our company is always striving to custom design such travel packages which are budget-friendly yet offer a luxury travel experience for our clients. 

100% Satisfied Consumer Base.

Our travel agency reserves the honor of having a 100% satisfied consumer base. Our successful travel history speaks for itself because of our insured and certified travel policies for umrah packages from London as well as the rest of the UK. 

Umrah Visa Requirements: What Do You Need to Know?

Umrah visas are to be issued to authorized travel agents only for sponsoring cheap umrah packages including flights. For which, it’s necessary for the people opting for hajj and Umrah performance to hire the professional services of a credible Umrah Travel agency. 

With Baitullah Travel, all of your umrah packages 2022 Manchester remain efficiently managed in terms of travel and accommodation bookings as well as visa processing. 

In order to obtain an Umrah visa, the following documents are a basic requirement.

  1. A valid duly completed original Umrah visa application form. Note that if someone has a non-Muslim name, he/she would also be required to submit a Shahadah Certificate issued by a local Islamic center or a Mosque i.e., confirming that the applicant is a Muslim.
  2. Passport with a minimum of 6-month validity at the time of submission of the visa application form.
  3. A recently captured passport size color photograph that has a white background. Note that, the photograph must have a full-face view; no side or angled views are acceptable.  
  4. A copy of confirmed, non-refundable flight tickets.
  5. Proof of pre-booked accommodation in the Kingdom i.e., where the applicant would be staying for the entire umrah period.
  6. Vaccination certificate(s) as per the need.

Usually, umrah visas that are issued for supporting umrah 2022 packages have a 2-week validity from the date of arrival in the kingdom. However, as per the new rules, umrah can also be performed on a tourist visa to the Kingdom. 

Types of Umrah


Umrah-ul- Mafradha is an Umrah that is independent of the Hajj pilgrimage. In other words, it is a voluntary minor pilgrimage that can be performed at any time of the year except for the days of Hajj. One can go for the performance of Umrah-ul-Mafradha in Ramadan or at any time of the year. However, the month of Rajab is usually considered the best month to perform Umrah-ul-Mafradha. Nonetheless, one can travel any time of the year for it.

There are seven obligatory rituals involved in the performance of Umrah-ul-Mafradha. These are; Ihram, Tawaf, Namaz-e-Tawaf, Sayee, Taqseer, Tawaf-un-Nisa, and Namaz-e-Tawaf-un-Nisa. Pilgrims intending for Umrah-ul-Mafradha do not need to perform it in a group and can be performed on an individual basis, before the beginning of the Hajj rituals.


Umrah-ul-Tammatu is a type of Umrah that gets performed in conjunction with the Hajj pilgrimage in the month of Dhu-al-Hijjah. However, it must be performed by the pilgrims before the start of the Hajj rituals. Most Muslims find it convenient to offer Umrah-ul-Tammatu because in this way they can perform both Umrah and Hajj at the same time/in the same month without fixing different schedules for both the pilgrimages.

The obligatory rituals of Umrah-ul-Tammatu are Ihram, tawaf, the prayer of tawaf, Sayee, and Taqsir. While Tawaf an-Nisa is not an obligatory ritual in Umrah-ul-Tammatu. Umrah-ul-Tammatu must be performed along with other fellow pilgrims performing Hajj.

Things to Consider for Umrah.

Plan Umrah Carefully

While Umrah is a spiritual journey of a lifetime, it requires all of the international travel requisites to be fulfilled. From getting your visa applications approved to sponsoring your travel and accommodation bookings – everything comes under consideration in this regard. Therefore, Baitullah Travel advises its customers to always hire umrah packages for 14 days after carefully considering all of the travel aspects. 

In this regard, you can also get professional help from our adept travel agents. Hence, helping you create custom-designed 2022 umrah packages as per your need and budget. Despite this, it’s also necessary that you buy travel insurance for your umrah trip as well. 

Familiar with the Rules of Ahram during Umrah.

Ihram is usually used to refer to the specific clothing worn by the pilgrims prior to performing the holy rituals of umrah. However, it’s rather a concept of absolute physical purity that a pilgrim assumes in order to commence umrah rituals. That’s why it remains significantly essential to familiarize yourself with the rules of Ihram during your minor pilgrimage. 

In addition, when traveling to the region with umrah packages 2022 price, certain prohibitions are imposed on a pilgrim that he/she must abide by. Otherwise, a penalty might get due, or even in some cases breaking the rules of Ihram makes your pilgrimage invalid. 

Consider Umrah Companions.

When traveling with Baitullah Travel Umrah Packages 2022, you’ll be accompanying a lot of fellow pilgrims who might or might not be from your locality. In short, on your umrah trip, you’ll meet a lot of people from different backgrounds and ethnicities who all have gathered in Haramain for the holy rituals. 

It might be possible that you won’t like someone’s living or praying habits, but we always advise all of our clients to maintain a friendly environment with each other. Thus, respect your umrah companions and if anything bothers you, report the issue to the relevant authorities rather than taking the matter into your own hands. 

Don’t Let Age Be an Issue for Umrah.

Umrah is a sunnah pilgrimage, not an obligatory one. People traveling through umrah tour packages aren’t restricted in regard to their age i.e., anybody can travel for umrah at any time. That’s why you’ll see everyone from children to elderly people offering the holy rituals in Haramain. Thus, whether traveling with children or elderly people, you mustn’t hesitate as appropriate facilitates are available to assist you in your journey. 

Be Ready for the Heat during Umrah.

Makkah lies in a hot desert region. Thus, summers there are intensely hot with an average daytime temperature of 45 Degrees Celsius to 48 Degrees Celsius. While, at the same time, the nights can be chilly. Thus, all the pilgrims traveling with umrah packages all inclusive must consider this fact as well as pack accordingly. 

Moreover, it’s advised by Baitullah travel that all the pilgrims must bring their umbrellas to provide themselves with a shade under bright sunlight. And, the light-colored cotton blended fabric should be utilized for Ihram clothing as it would help you keep cool and airy; avoiding skin rashes and irritation. 

Here Are Some Things to Consider Before Choosing Your Umrah Agent.

Tip # 1, Don’t Make the mistake of choosing your Umrah Agent only on price!

While the pricing of your cheapest umrah packages 2022 is an important factor to consider but it shouldn’t be the only decision-making factor. It’s better that you get multiple quotes from various travel agents, compare the type and quality of services they are offering in that price range, and then buy accordingly. 
This must be done because sometimes by paying just a little price difference you can get the exceptional provision of travel and accommodation services. Therefore, not only helping you in making your umrah travel budget-friendly but it also aids in estimating your travel costs quite accurately. 

Tip # 2, Check for Proven Track Record! 

A proven track record i.e., successful travel history or a satisfied consumer base is something that you should consider before hiring a certain travel agent. We can’t deny the fact that scams can happen. So, in order to avoid falling a victim to some hajj/umrah travel fraud, it’s advised to do a little background check of your travel agent first when hiring cheap umrah packages 2022 UK. 
In this regard, the first thing you must do is ask for the travel agency’s legal associations i.e., authorization certificates issued by the government and ministry of Hajj and Umrah od Saudia Arabia as well. secondly, find about the travel agent by reading customers’ testimonials on the travel agency’s website or you can always ask for referrals.  

Tip # 2A, Make Background Checks!

You can perform a comprehensive background check of your umrah travel agent by simply checking its membership certificates and legal associations. A certified umrah travel agent would never hesitate in giving you his membership numbers or showing you the legal documents, they possess, permitting them to operate their business. Despite this, a trustworthy travel agent would always offer its low price umrah packages clients with transparent business and pricing policies. 
Last but not the least, you must always ask questions you have regarding your umrah travel needs and demands. Communicate with your travel agent to understand the extent of their services better and thus having a practical decision-making approach when it comes to hiring travel unlimited umrah packages.

Tip # 3, Check Previous Customer Reviews!

Customer reviews are the best medium for validating the credibility of your umrah travel agent. Getting to know about the experiences of people who had recently hired their services, what better way to know about the company’s reputation in the market? It’s one of the most helpful tools that assist you in hiring the most suitable Umrah packages 2022 for yourself. 
As for customer reviews, you can either view them online i.e., through the company’s website, or can also have an in-person conversation with their clients through various mediums. 

Tip # 3A, How to Check Umrah Companies Reviews?

In this era of digitalization, every business let it be small or big, has its social media outlets. It’s rather more of the need of the hour than being a mere advertising platform. In fact, researches have shown that almost 90% of travel bookings are made online.

All in all, it necessitates for the travel agents to have their company’s websites well-maintained and updated. And that’s exactly where you can find the customer reviews as well. People are always sharing their experiences on such platforms, thus a better way to get to know the quality of services that a travel agency offers in real-time.  

Tip # 3B, Useful Technique to hunt for Reviews?

The most feasible technique to hunt for customer reviews is by going on the travel agency’s social media platform. You can find individual comments from their clients sharing personal experiences. From there, you can easily find answers to most of our questions relating to the company’s operating policies, pricing methodologies as well as work ethics when hiring umrah packages 2022 UK.

Tip # 3C, Validate Reviews!

The only reliable way to validate customer reviews is that you talk to the people/clients who have recently hired that company’s Baitullah Travel Umrah Packages 2022 services. This communication can be done through a variety of ways; social media, phone, or even you can request the other party to meet in person. In this way, you’ll get an in-depth view of the quality of the services you are going to be offered with as well as the things to consider when hiring professional travel management services. 

Tip #4, Check which Saudi Vendors your Agent is using or is affiliated with?

Once you are in the kingdom, it’s obvious that transportation and accommodation arrangements need to be made for your stay there. For which, most people prefer buying umrah packages 5 star that is inclusive of everything. In such a way, all of their flights, hotels, and other travel documentation remain efficiently managed and pre-booked by the travel agent. So that one does not have to face any booking hassles or delays upon arrival. 

However, it’s still advised to validate the credibility of those vendors which your travel agent is using to offer its services. For example, transportation companies, hotel management, and airline companies. In this way, you would be more aware of the type of services you shall be availing of through Baitullah Travel Umrah Packages 2022.

Tip #5, Take Contact Details of Saudi Transporter!

If your umrah group packages 2022 are also inclusive of the transportation facilities that you need in the kingdom, then you must get all the contact details of your Saudi transporter. It has numerous benefits;

Despite this, it’s necessary to take the contact details of Saudi Transporter for the reason that if he bothers you or is inefficient in performing his duties, you can report it to the authorities i.e., your travel agent.

Tip #5A, Take Contact Details of Hotels and Reconfirm Booking!

While your travel agent manages everything for your umrah travel through umrah packages including flights, it’s better to reconfirm your booking upon your arrival to the kingdom. The hotel where you be staying should be a quality one because the Saudi Government itself demands the details of the hotel where pilgrims would be staying as part of its legal visa documentation. In other words, without submitting the proof of pre-booked hotel accommodation, you would be denied visa approval.

Hence, take the contact details of your hotel and reconfirm the bookings made by your travel agent on your behalf as well. So, to avoid any booking or staying hassles as delays.

Tip # 6, Check for ATOL Protection!

ATOL (Air Travel Organizer’s License) is a government-controlled financial protection or insurance scheme under the control of the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) that covers Baitullah Travel Umrah Packages 2022 including flights. 

Having ATOL protection for your umrah travel package offers you peace of mind as it offers travel insurance for all of your overseas hotel stays and flights. For instance, if your travel agent’s business stops working while you are abroad, ATOL would provide sufficient cover for your travel in order to ensure that reach back home in time and safely. Thus, ATOL-protected umrah 2022 packages are a much reliable option for a peaceful umrah travel experience.

How to Perform Umrah Step by Step?

Umrah often referred to as the ‘minor pilgrimage’ is performed all around the year by millions of Muslims traveling through 3 star umrah packages 2022. It’s a sunnah pilgrimage and not an obligatory one, yet the rewards and bounties it holds for pilgrims are no less than that of Hajj. The reason being such a huge crowd of Muslims is present in Haramain for the hoy rituals throughout the year. 

Traveling for umrah with cheap umrah packages 2022 UK, one must arrange for all of its travel and accommodation needs through the channel of a certified umrah travel agent. Once all the bookings are made, a pilgrim must commence the umrah rituals upon arrival to the kingdom.

Here’s a brief description of Umrah; how to perform it step by step?

For pilgrims traveling with Baitullah Travel Umrah Packages 2022, Umrah has four obligatory rituals to be completed. Namely; 


Ihram is a state of absolute purity that a pilgrim must assume before commencing the rituals of a minor pilgrimage. The ceremonial clothing worn for this is called Ihram clothing. Before assuming Ihram, a pilgrim must;

  1. Cut its fingernails as well as toenails.
  2. Shave unnecessary hair from the body.
  3. Get a haircut and mustache trim (if necessary).
  4. Perform Ghusl.
  5. Wear Ihram clothes and make Niyyah.

Ihram clothing for men consists of 2 sheets of white-colored cloth. One for covering the upper half of the body (draped like a shawl) and the other for covering the lower half of the body i.e., from the navel to down below the knees. No other piece of clothing can be worn by male pilgrims as their Ihram and it’s prohibited to wear any sort of stitched garments as well.

For women, they can wear their ordinary clothes as their Ihram provided that it remains modest, simple, and as per the teachings of Islam. For which, most women prefer wearing an Abaya on top of their ordinary clothes.


Tawaf is the circumambulation of the holy Kaabah for seven circuits in an anticlockwise manner i.e., keeping Kaabah on the left-hand side. Pilgrims must start/end each round of their tawaf from the place of Hajar-al-Aswad i.e., Black Stone. Tawaf remains one of the most essential rituals of the Umrah pilgrimage. After the completion of the seventh round, pilgrims will do Istilam (touch or kiss the Black Stone) and offer 2 Rakat of Nafal close to Maqam-e-Ibrahim without covering their heads. The pilgrims then move towards Zamzam Well, situated in the basement of Haram, to drink the holy water (Zamzam).


Sayee consists of moving across the hills of Safah and Marwah for seven times. The first round will begin from Safah towards Marwah such that the seventh-round ends at the hill of Marwah. Both of these hills are present within the premises of Masjid-al-Haram. After the completion of Sayee, the pilgrims will offer 2 Rakat Nafal. 


This is the last rite of Umrah pilgrimage in which the pilgrims trim or shave their heads. For men, it’s advised to perform Halq (shaving the head) however trimming of the hair can also be opted for. However, for women, it’s only permissible to cut a fingertip’s length of their hair (Taqsir).