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We are a UK Based Specialist Travel company providing Hajj and Umrah services since our inception.

Hundreds of Muslims have successfully performed Umrah and Hajj by using our services. Most
of them have become our repeat customers.
Baitullah Travel is a company referred to by many
due to our international standard experience.

We have contacts all over KSA. That’s why we provide the nearest residence from Haram,
which is a minimum of 4-star luxury hotel rooms. If our customer demands another residence
after reaching Makkah, then we try to accommodate the request up to the customer’s choice.
Most of our customers lack the necessary knowledge of performing Umrah and Hajj. It is
common. That’s why we have hired qualified scholars to teach the way of performing Hajj and
Umrah according to Sharia. We also provide translators to a group of Hajjis. So, our customers
have no problem in any case due to the Arabic language.

People visiting KSA often fall ill due to climate change. That’s why we have organized
emergency and temporary medical assistance for our customers. Our goal is to bring our
customers back to their home in good physical and spiritual health.

Meals are the one factor that differentiates us from our competitors. We organized a special staff
structure in KSA. That’s why we are capable of providing international standard meals on the
choice of our customers. Our goal is to satisfy every food needs of our customers in KSA. As a
result, our customers get quality meals on-demand, which is always a problem in KSA because
Arabian style food always does not fit well with the UK and other countries’ residents. We know
that by our past experience. That’s why we organized the meal system to fulfill our customer’s
basic needs.

We also provide visits to other Holy and historic places in KSA, which include a visit to Ghar-e-
Hira, Uhad Mountains, Graves of Sahaba, Quba Mosque, and many other Sites on-demand.
We promise to provide you with comfortable international quality residence near the Haram,
careful and organized bus travels, hassle-free air travel, qualified and polite scholars for
immediate guidance, well-versed translators, the best quality meals on-demand, well-organized
trips to Holy Sites, and medical staff at your service.
We are the only company in the UK providing all necessities in one complete package on demand.