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Halal Holiday Packages 

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Baitullah Travel Provides You The Best Halal Holiday Packages

Baitullah travel provides you the best halal holiday packages that not only take care of your comfort but also make sure to present you luxurious services. Everybody needs a break from their daily life and what can be better than visiting a Muslim country?

After all, you should know about the history of every Muslim country. We have established partnerships with some of the most popular and well-known hotel and resort branches in the world. Looking for a halal holiday suitable for any occasion? At Baitullah Travels, we strive to create the best halal vacation packages for couples, families, groups, and individuals. Our expertise can help you easily travel halal. Whether you want to go nearby or far away, our various destinations, tours, and cruise ships will bring you the ultimate vacation experience. While keeping in mind your needs, Baitullah Travel has come up with amazing halal holiday packages that take care of you in every possible way. We provide you the best hotel services transport and a guide that can show you around. We also take care of your visa and ticket so that you don’t have to face any problem in the future.

We will provide you a wide range of holidays that are economical so that you can choose one from the following. You can select one as per your desires and expectation. Once you have made up your mind, we will take care of the rest. Here are some of our Halal holiday destinations.

Dubai Tour:

If you are hoping to Visit Dubai, You are at the right place. By opting for Halal travel package we will present you with the services of 2 days Dubai tour and hotel. You can extend the stay if you want and also can ask for the elite hotel if you desire.

Oman Tour:

It is a four-star package that provides you the essential needs as well as also takes care of your lavish services for £800. It depends on how long you are going to stay there.

Al-Aqsa tour:

It is the five-star package that is perfect for the families and senior citizens. It is the most elite package that includes Direct flights, Hotels which is AL-Hashmi or similar. You can choose one according to your choice. In-depth Guided Ziyarah which is a guided walking tour of Al-Aqsa and other historical places. It also includes Quad, triple, and double occupancy available. It is the best and most lavish package that takes care of your all needs.