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Baitullah Travel is known as a faith, which is accompanied by faith and responsibility for Allah. During the spiritual journey of the pilgrimage, the pilgrims dedicated their physical attention and spiritual attention to Allah and received blessings.

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Shifting Hajj Packages only means that there is no fixed accommodation. When you will land in this spiritual place, you will be placed in another apartment or dormitory. Then, after performing the Hajj during the next day, your accommodation will change and be at the nearest area at Haram. In this case, when you land and head to the nearest residence in the suburbs, you will find there are training courses to teach you the correct way of pilgrimage. Therefore, each place has different facilities for the welfare of pilgrims.

Non Shifting Hajj Packages usually only include Haram’s accommodation, which is close to Mecca. Pilgrims will be allowed to stay in this particular room. This provides easy access to the Pilgrims to worship Allah. This is an instantiated method in which the pilgrim is transferred to a fixed residence after landing and completing the legal process. In 5-star non-shifting Hajj packages 2024, pilgrims always stay at one place in Mecca and Medina that is near Masjid ul Haram.

So, if you have made to perform the Hajj in 2024 you can decide the Hajj package as per your convince. Both the shifting Hajj package and 14 days non-shifting Hajj package