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Terms & Conditions

The agreement is between you and Baitullah Travel. Please read all the terms and conditions.
You agree with all the terms and conditions when you visit our site. And for doing business with
us, you need to agree with all our terms.
If you do not agree with our terms and conditions, then you may not proceed with booking your
tour with Baitullah Travel.

Contents of Baitullah Travel Terms and conditions.

  1.  General contract and user agreement
  2. Conditions on which we deliver the booking
  3. Cancellation
  4. Conditions for flight booking
  5. Payment terms
  6. Passport, Visa, and Health requirement
  7. Refund Policy
  8. In General terms and conditions

General contract and user agreement

When you book a package, then you are buying a product or service from the site that Baitullah
Travel offers. We make it in the receipt, and a verification email will be sent to you. All our
products and services are subject to availability. We negotiate with third-parties for hotel
bookings, car rentals, flight booking, tour packages, and other travel services. And we will
mention when a product or service is unavailable.
We advise all customers to avail of the travel insurance because there are circumstances when
neither Baitullah Travel nor our travel suppliers accept the liability.

Travel suppliers
Baitullah Travel is acquiring travel services for you as an agent. You have to agree with all the
terms and conditions of travel suppliers and operators. In this case, the contract is between the
travel supplier and you. Baitullah Travel only arranges the services for you. We are not liable for
the products and services of third-party suppliers.

Travel supplier conditions
The conditions such as flight delay, hotel reservation, travel accessory’s qualities are beyond our
control. That’s why you have to accept the situation as such. You have to agree with travel
supplier conditions, which will include payment procedure, default liability, cancellation,
refunds, and changes in booking.

Conditions on which we deliver the booking
You can opt for either e-tickets or paper tickets. However, the availability of your chosen ticket
will subject to airline. Some airlines do not issue e-tickets.
We will deliver your paper tickets through the mail. So, you must double-check your mailing
address while entering it on our site. We will not be responsible for the loss of tickets due to the
wrong mailing address.
We will deliver your e-tickets via email. So, you must double-check your email address while
entering it on our site. We will not be responsible for the loss of tickets due to the wrong email

If you want to cancel or modify your booking, then you must do it by telephoning our customer
service. It will also subject to airline rules and regulations. And you have to bear all the costs.
For canceling or modifying your hotel reservation, you must inform us before 7 days of
reservation date. For car rentals, the terms and conditions of travel suppliers will apply. That’s
why it will be beyond our control, and you have to adjust to the supplier’s terms regarding
cancelation or modification.


Conditions for flight booking
We will get you a flight as you request if flights are available. If there are no flights available
according to your preference, then we will show you the options. You can choose any option
from our list.
Sometimes direct flights are not available. That’s why you have to choose from all the other
available options.

Payment terms
You have to pay the full amount at the time of flight booking. For other payments, you have
three options, which are the following.

You also have to pay the charges to travel suppliers if applicable according to their terms and

Passports, Visa, and Health terms
You will submit your passport to us, and we will do our process. The Visa is sanctioned by the
Saudi Embassy, and we do not have a role other than submitting your passport to the Embassy.
We will deliver your passport back to you after the issuance of Visa. If the Embassy asks special
documents, then we will inform you. And you have to provide the relevant detail.
If the Embassy requires a health certificate, then you have to provide it from a registered medical
practitioner. If your application is rejected due to some reason, then we are not liable. We will
charge you for the visa service.
You have to inform us about your health requirements. So, we can make special arrangements if

Refund Policy

We are not able to refund the full payment in any case like Pandemic

In general terms and conditions
Baitullah Travel does not accept legal responsibility if there is a failure to deliver your booking
or part of your booking, which is not a fault of us.
Baitullah Travel is legally responsible for direct loss, which will be equal to the maximum
amount of your booking. We will not compensate you more than your deposited amount to us.
Baitullah Travel is not liable for any indirect loss or consequential loss during your tour.
User obligation terms

You agree to following obligations without limitations.

Denial of service
Baitullah Travel has the right to deny the service to anyone due to any reason.
Copyrights and Trademarks
Baitullah Travel reserves the rights of all the content on this site.
Privacy policy
You agree to use your personal information by Baitullah Travel.