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Privacy Policy
This privacy page sets out how Batullah travel registered number #74904(ATOL and IATA
protected London) protects the privacy of your personal information.
Baitullah travel follows ethics and morals. That’s why we admit the value of personal data. We
declare the following privacy to protect your personal information.

The purpose to collect information

To perform the duties of a travel agency, we need some personal information to book rooms in
Mecca and Medina. We need the following information to book flights for your Hajj and Umrah.


The way of collecting information

We may also collect your information from a third-party.

Reasons to use your personal data and legal obligations
We use your information due to contractual and legal needs. And we do that with your consent.

The following points will explain all the reasons.

With whom we share your data
We share your personal data with the following entities.

and Ziarat providers.

Baitullah travel is a global business and we disclose your personal data only to complete
requirements, legal obligations, and bookings. Other than that, we do not disclose your data.
Your data is protected under local data protection laws in all overseas territories.

Timeline for keeping your data on file
You must read the following.


Your rights

If you want to exercise your rights, then you can contact us at We
will process your request.
If you are not satisfied with our data processing activities, then you can complain to the
information commissioner office ICO.

IP addresses
When you browse our website, then our server records your IP address. We do not share your IP
address with any third party.

The internet pages of Baitullah travel use cookies and text files that are stored in a computer
system via an internet browser. Due to these cookies, a user gets a friendly user experience while
browsing our website.
We do not use third-party web analytics.

Change in the Privacy policy
We may change our privacy policy in the future. In that case, we will notify you through email if
we have your personal data for processing.

Visiting our website from outside of the UK
If you visit our website from outside of the UK, then your data will be stored, transferred, and
processed in the UK. The preservation and protection of your data will subject to the data
protection laws of the UK.

How to contact us?
If you have a question regarding our privacy policy, then you can contact us in the following
TEL: 020 8124 8088