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Shifting & Non Shifting Hajj packages for 2020

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According to Hadith, a person performing Hajj and Umrah come out like a newborn child clean from all sins. Do you want to wipe your sins and drink Zam Zam from the Zam Zam Well? If the answer is “Yes,” then you can avail of the opportunity with us under your budget.

Baitullah Travel offers 3*, 4* and 5 Stars Umrah Packages, which takes you on a spiritual journey. We will provide you excellent-class residence near Haram, super-luxurious travel vehicles, Well-organized service staff, punctual air-travel without luggage hassle, complete Umrah guidance under qualified Mualim(Tutor), free medical services, and international standard meals of your choice.

Our Hajj Package includes exceptional residence near Haram, international standard meals of your choice, Hajj guidance under qualified Mualim(Tutor), free medical services, luxurious travel vehicles, on-demand air travel, 24-hour staff support, and a visit to Holy Sites.