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Non Shifting Hajj Packages

Every Muslim, man, and woman, as long as they have financial means and also mental capabilities should have to perform Hajj in his lifetime. However, this is not an obligation that must be fulfilled, but the honor of every Muslim to participate in this trip to the Almighty House.

We heard the terminology of non-shifting hajj packages, mostly used by the travel agents. In a non-shifting package, the pilgrims do not need to move place to place and enjoy their accommodation throughout the Hajj. You can stay near Mecca and Medina or Haram Shareef. The major thing is the expensiveness of the accommodation close to Haram Shareef or the House OF Allah. As far as the accommodation from the Grand Central Mosque, you tend to pay less.

Although the non-fixed fee package seems to be better than the fixed fee package, it depends entirely on your budget. Therefore, if your budget may not be sufficient for the package that you don’t carry with you, it’s best to choose the cheaper ones, the package that you carry with you.

Types Of Non Shifting Hajj Packages:

Baitullah Travels offers different types of Non Shifting Hajj packages which are as follows

5 Star 2, 3 And 4 Weeks Non Shifting Hajj Package:

We offer 14 days of Non shifting hajj packages 2024. This package includes