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Which airlines are operating between the UK to Makkah and Madinah for Umrah Flights?

Umrah is one of the prestigious Journey for a true Muslim who want to perform the pilgrimage this year. Flights are one of the main services which a pilgrim have to avail for the performance of Umrah by air. Most of the passengers from the countries including United Kingdom used to perform the Umrah through the Umrah Packages. Baitullah Travel is one of the travel agencies in UK offering the cheap Umrah Packages from UK which includes all the services and Cheap Umrah Flights from UK are one of important services for the Umrah. We are working under the authorization of ATOL and IATA, and these agencies gave us the confidence for a trustworthy business in the Kingdom of Great Britain. Annually, thousands of passengers book the Umrah from London, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Manchester, and Glasgow book the Umrah with us. 

There are two types of Umrah flights which are included in the Packages of Umrah but most of the Packages includes the indirect flights whose stopover time is less than six hours because transit time less than six hours is bearable for a normal passenger. For those passengers who want to avail the cheapest tickets for the Umrah they can book indirect flights of the Umrah. Most of the airlines from the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) or Middle East Countries Flag carriers. As we know that Arabian Gulf and Middle East lies between the Saudi Arabia and Kingdom of Great Britain. So indirect flights of Umrah with these airlines are cheapest and best for you. 

Umrah Indirect Airlines from UK

There are various airline which are flying from the United Kingdom to Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and carrying the pilgrims for the pilgrimages of Umrah and Hajj. These airlines includes the Qatar Airways, Emirates, Gulf Airlines, Egypt Air, Turkish Airlines, Royal Jordanian Airlines, and Oman Aviation. Following are the details about these airlines.

Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways is one of the founding member of the Oneworld Alliance and one of the cheapest airlines as well. Qatar Airways Cheap Flights are for passengers who want to perform the Umrah pilgrimage from the London, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Manchester, and Glasgow. This airline is the top choice for most of the passengers because of its cheaper prices, easy Qatar Airway Manage Booking options, excessive Qatar Airways Baggage Allowance, and one of the best Frequent Flyer Program for the passengers. 


Emirates is one of the national flag carrier airline of the Emirate of Dubai, United Arab Emirates. This is considered to be one of the best option for the Umrah flights because it is one of the best airlines in the world and won many times the different awards due to their exceptional services on board. Their First Class and Business class will makes you feel like a boss while travelling. Many travel agencies in the United Kingdom who want to avail the luxurious flights book Emirates Umrah flights for the Umrah pilgrimage. 

Gulf Air

Gulf Air is one of the national flag carrier of the Bahrain and having its hub international Airport at the Manama, Bahrain. Most of the times its flights are cheaper for the customers who are travelling from the United Kingdom. That’s is the main reasons by which many travel agencies in the UK include the Umrah flights of Gulf Airlines in their Umrah Packages. Gulf Airline is a top choice for the UK customers because this airline was found by a British Pilot, Freddie Bosworth. That is one of the main reasons that why pilgrims from the United Kingdom book the cheap flights of Umrah from the Gulf Airlines. 

Egypt Air

Egypt Air is one of the most suitable flights provider for the Umrah Pilgrimage from the United Kingdom. In most of the Umrah Packages of Baitullah Travel, we also include the flights of the Egyptian Airlines because it provides the minimum stopover at the transit airport (Cairo International Airport). We offer the flights whose transit time is less than six hours. These flights offers the world-class amenities in their all cabin classes. Especially in the month of Ramadan there are many flights of Umrah which depart from the Cairo to the Saudi Arabia and these flights came in the combinations with the flights which are coming from the UK to Cairo International Airport. 

Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines is one of the flag carrier airline of the Türkiye and offering the cheap flights for the Umrah which are indirect. Although Türkiye have the Capital Ankara but Hub airport for the Turkish Airlines is Istanbul International Airport. Passengers who are coming from the United Kingdom to Istanbul can select the second leg of their flights TK 5088, TK 94, or TK 910 from Istanbul to the Jeddah. These flights are reserved for the passengers of Umrah. In the month of Ramadan, availability on these flights becomes high, so book these flights in advance for the cheaper cabin classes from the Baitullah Travel.

Royal Jordanian Airlines

Royal Jordanian Airlines is a national flag carrier airline of the Jordan and having the Hub international airport at Amman International Airport. Amman is a city which is between the United Kingdom and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. So, its flights are one of the most suitable indirect flights for the Umrah. Many pilgrims from the United Kingdom book the Umrah flights with Jordan National flag carrier. People who want to visit the Amman and then want to perform the Umrah or want to visit the Amman after performing the Umrah, can avail these flights. 

Oman Aviation

National Flag carrier airline of the Oman is known as Oman Aviation having the IATA code WY and offers the suitable indirect Umrah flights for the residents of United Kingdom. These flights are offers the minimum stopover time at the Hub Airport at Muscat. Occasionally, Baitullah Travel offers the cheaper flights of the Oman Aviation in their Ramadan Umrah Packages. During the month of Ramadan, availability of the flights in these flights is bit low as compare to the other airlines. As, Jordan lies between the UK and KSA so these flights are most suitable flights for the British Umrah Pilgrims. 

These were some of the indirect options which you can for performing the Umrah from United Kingdom or rest of the Europe. 

Umrah Direct Airlines from UK

Direct Flights are not included in the Umrah Packages of Baitullah Travel but you can make the special request for the inclusion of Direct flights in their Umrah Packages. In this section we will discuss the Direct Airline options which are suitable for the British Umrah Pilgrims.

British Airways

British Airways is one of the Flag carrier of the United Kingdom and Hub international airport for the airline is London Heathrow International Airport. That’s why it offers the direct flights which depart from the London, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Manchester, and Glasgow to the Jeddah without having any technical or non-technical stopover between any countries. British Airlines is offering the world-class amenities for the passengers of Umrah. Staff of British Airways is much caring and that is the main reason that we include these flights in our Umrah Packages.

Saudi Airlines

Saudi Airlines is the national flag carrier airline of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and offering the cheaper direct flights for many countries including the United Kingdom. Saudi Airlines is having their Hub international airport at Jeddah. It is one of the busiest airport in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and always fill with the pilgrims of Umrah especially during the Ramadan and during the Hajj Period. From Jeddah International Airport to the Mecca Hotel Airport pilgrims travel to their Meeqat points for the Ihram. You can request the Baitullah Reservation consultants for Direct Umrah flights with Saudi Airlines. 

These were two international airlines offering the direct flights from the UK to Jeddah, Mecca and Madinah for the Umrah pilgrims. These flights are for those passengers who doesn’t want to wait at any transit Airport. We are not including these flights in our normal Packages but you can request us for the inclusion of the Umrah Packages.