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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Umrah packages?

Umrah Packages is combination of Umrah Flights, Hotel Accommodation in Mecca and Medina, Transportation Services, Umrah VISA, Ziarats, and all other services which an Umrah Pilgrim needs.

Do UK citizens need Umrah visa?

Yes! UK citizens need the electronic VISA (e-VISA) to enter in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to perform Umrah. You can purchase the Umrah VISA having the validity 90 days from the date of issuance. You must ensure that Umrah VISA is valid for the on-going as well as return flights.

How much is a ticket to Umrah from UK?

Umrah Ticket can be purchased from Baitullah Travel at the cost of £ 313.00 with the economy cabin class but prices of the tickets are dependent on availability. But it is suggested to book Cheap Umrah Packages with flights.

How much is a package of Umrah?

Baitullah Travel offers Umrah Packages starting from £ 385.00. But the nature of Umrah Packages depends on the nature of Flights (Direct Flights / Indirect Flights), Mecca and Medina Hotel Accommodation ratings, Number of nights for stay, transportation services, and other services.

What does an Umrah package include?

Umrah Package of Baitullah Travel includes Umrah Flights with International Airlines, Hotel Accommodation Nearer to the Holy sites, Umrah VISA, Transportation Services, Breakfast, and Ziarats.

What is the meaning of Umrah?

Umrah is an Arabic Term which means to visit a well-populated place. But in Islamic Terminology it is a non-obligatory pilgrimage in which Mecca is visited and various rituals are performed like Ihram, Tawaf, and Sa’I.

How much is Umrah from UK?

Umrah costs about £ 395.00 from the UK but the price of Umrah is dependent on Umrah flights, Hotel Accommodation, Umrah VISA, and other services.

How much money do you need for Umrah?

You must have £ 100 – 120 for the shopping and other expenses during Umrah Pilgrimage. This money is apart from the cost of Umrah packages.

How long is the flight from UK to Umrah?

The average flight time from the UK to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is 6 hours and 6 Minutes but it is also dependent on the airline and their hub airports.

Which month is cheapest for Umrah?

December is the perfect month to hunt for a cheaper Umrah in the Gregorian calendar but Safar is the perfect month to hunt a cheaper Umrah in the Islamic Lunar Calendar.

Can I book my own Umrah package?

Yes Sure! You can book you own Umrah Package and you can also book the Umrah Package for your friends and family.

How many days do you need for Umrah?

Minimum 7 days are enough for the Umrah Pilgrimage but you can book more days for the Umrah as well.

Are Airport Transfers are include in our Umrah Packages?

Yes! Airport Transfers are included in our Umrah packages departing from London, Birmingham, Manchester, Edinburgh, and Glasgow.

Is single room facility is available in our Umrah Packages?

Yes! You can contact Baitullah Travel’s Hotel Accommodation department for special requests about the hotels and rooms.

Can I include the hotel of my choice near Mecca and Medina?

Yes! You can include the hotel of your choice at the time of booking. We will provide that hotel according to the availability of seats in your preferred hotel.

How much luggage a person can travel with?

You can travel with 25 Kilos in economy class, 35 Kilos in Business class, and 40 Kilos in First Class. On the way back you may need the extra baggage allowance for the Zamzam water and Purchased Gifts for your beloved ones.

Do the stopovers are included in your Umrah Packages?

The Umrah Packages which include indirect flights must have a Stopover at Hub Airports but direct flights do not include stopovers.

Can I visit other cities of Saudi Arabia on the Umrah VISA?

You can only visit Mecca, Medina, and Jeddah with the Umrah VISA. You must know that Umrah VISA is not eligible for the Hajj Pilgrimage.

Do we provide Ziarats and Transportation services?

Transportation Services can be included on the special requests but Ziarats are not included in our Umrah Packages.

How to Contact Baitullah Travels?

You can contact our reservation teams by dialing our reservation term at +44 208-124-8088 or through our email support desk at You can also contact Baitullah Travel through the chat support through our chat modules on the website.

Can I include the hotel having the triple sharing rooms?

Yes! You can include the Umrah Hotel Accommodation having the triple sharing rooms by contacting our reservation desk at +44 208-124-8088.

Can I go for Umrah with Handicapped passenger?

Yes! You can travel with the disabled/handicapped passenger but you have to inform the reservation consultants so that, they can include wheelchair assistance for his/her.

What if I cancel my Umrah package after booking?

If your Umrah package is non-refundable then you cannot get the refund. If you have purchased travel insurance, you can get the cost of Umrah if and only if you have canceled the Umrah due to reasons offered by the insurers.

Can a woman perform Umrah alone?

Yes! A woman can perform non-obligatory pilgrimages i.e. Ziarats or lesser pilgrimages which can be undertaken at any time of the year without the Mehram or Mehram Guardian.

Can I get the Umrah VISA without British Passport from UK?

Yes! You can avail of the Umrah VISA if you want to get the Umrah VISA but you must have the passport of your country.

What is the Umrah Visa fee from the UK?

Nowadays, the Umrah VISA fee is £ 184 from the United Kingdom.

How can I save money on Umrah travel?

Yes! By booking cheaper Umrah Packages from Baitullah Travel you can save a lot of money because we offer cheaper Umrah flights, hotel accommodation, and other services.

What are the Umrah visa requirements, and does the package include visa processing?

Umrah VISA requirements for the Umrah VISA are : Valid passport with a six-month validity period (from the date you submit your application). Purchased non-refundable flight tickets. Evidence of a relationship between female pilgrims and their 'Mehram' (partner/brother/father).